The Really Big Ka-Boom

The Really Big Ka-Boom: A Spade/Paladin Conundrum

Secret Master of Fandom and private detective Spade thought he would be spending Christmas Eve alone—until a strange call from Paladin changes his plans. And just when he thinks the evening can’t get any stranger, a huge blast sends his world into chaos, along with that of Paladin and Casper.

And what the trio learn next might prove even more explosive.

“Great characters.”
—Little Big Crimes

“This series is a fun glimpse into the world of science fiction fandom.”
—Gumshoes, Gats, and Gams

“I hope to read many more stories about Spade and Paladin.”
—Bill Crider, Mystery Scene

Audiobook available from Audible and iTunes. Ebook available from your favorite bookseller: Click here!

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